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Engineering Services OLIVER

Projects, Approval, Environmental Consultancy & Installations

Who we are

   ENGINEERING SERVICES OLIVER is an engineering company located in Mallorca, Balearic Islands. It is formed by independent professionals, Chemical Engineers and Industrial Technical Engineers who carry out quality, reliable and fast work at an economic price and adjusted to the needs of the clients. In addition, we collaborate with other specialized professionals, such as Architects and Technical Surveyors, Real Estate Agencies and Construction Companies, Electrical and Plumbing and Gas Installers, Mechanical Workshops, Accredited Laboratories and Control Agenices, etc. Our aim is to fully manage any of the work and procedures necessary and thus achieve complete satisfaction of the demands of the Administration (DG of Industry and Energy, ITV, Town Halls, etc.) and our customers.
Our main areas of work are Projects and Activity Licenses (opening permits, building licenses); Construction of Industrial and Agricultural buildings; Industrial Projects; Projects and legalization of electrical installations; fire-fighting facilities; renewable energy facilities (solar-thermal, photovoltaic and thermal energy); thermal and refrigeration facilities (air conditioning); facilities for the storage of chemical products; oil facilities (petrol and diesel) and gas reception facilities, pressure tanks, etcetera. In addition we carry out Energy Efficiency Certificates and Projects for Vehicle Approval (reforms, tuning, changes in classification, etc.), Reduced Technical Specifications for imported vehicles.
On the other hand, thanks to the academic training and the multidisciplinary professional experience obtained in the last 10 years, Oliver Engineering Services is an Environmental Consultancy that elaborates Environmental Impact Studies, Monitoring Plans and all the series of documents necessary for the fulfillment of the environmental regulations. 


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