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Engineering Services OLIVER

Projects, Approval, Environmental Consultancy & Installations

Main Services 

At ENGINEERING SERVICES OLIVER  we focus our activities in several specific areas that require of Project Management; also, we carry out the complete technical and administrative process required for the correct design, implementation and administrative approval or legalization of businesses, stores, factories, shops, hotels, industrial and agricultural units, vehicles, and so on. Moreover, we also provide environmental consulting services and valuations.

Municipal Licensing


We obtain municipal licenses for the initial opening or modification of business, factories, workshops, meeting spaces, shops, and so on. Always according to the specific requirements which are applicable to each particular activity that the customer wants to carry out.


So, according to the kind of activity - innocuous, smaller or larger - we elaborate projects, environmental studies, reports and any other necessary documents required in order to properly registrate and legalize the activity in the administration of the municipality (Town Hall) or Autonomous Region.

Electrical Systems


Technical Projects development, installation management and administrative process or legalitzation of electrical systems, Low and Medium Voltage, for:


Public places (bars , restaurants, theaters, gyms, etc.), Industrial Buildings, Outdoor Lighting, Autonomous Generators, Housing and Offices, Provisional works, Pools, Fountains, Wet locations (saunas, bathrooms, spa, etc.), Shops with risk of fire, explosion or corrosion (gas stations, garages, repair shops, etc), operating rooms, extraction pumps and water lifting.

Renewable Energies


Technical Project development, installation management and administrative legalization of Photovoltaic and Thermal Solar Energy systems.


Project development, installation management and administrative legalization of mini-Eolic Energy generators.


Project development, project management and administrative legalization of Biomass Energy (see section of Thermal Installations).

Gas, LGP, Pressure Devices Systems

We manage the administrative process and elaborate the necessary  projects and certificates for individual or common gas reception systems (housing, hotels, educational and medical, commercial and office, etc.) and for fixed deposits of LGP (propane, butane, etc.); also, we process the documentation required for evacuation chimneys of combustion products and for tanks located on rooftops.


Also for pressure equipments, new installation or modification.

Thermal and Refrigerator Systems

When required, we manage the process and elaborate technical projects and construction management certificates for thermal installations, according to the thermal power and other features. 


Equally, for refrigerator systems, level 1 or 2, new or modified installations. 


We elaborate  Energy Eficciency Certificates at affordable price and very quickly. We include the administration registration so you do get the proof necessary to sell or rent property. All certificates are valid for 10 years, provided that important reforms are not made in the evaluated properties.


The energy efficiency label that is assigned indicates an energy efficiency class, ranging from A to G based on energy consumption.

Fire Protection

We develope the admistrative process and elaborate technical projects and other management certificates for proper fire protection system implementation and administrative registration (Factories, industries, garages, repair shops, etcetera).


Also, when requiered, we elaborate Evacuation and Emergency Plans and Self-Protection Plans.


We manage the whole process (technical project, conformity report, repair shop-certified report, laboratoy tests ... ) if necessary for approval of vehicle modifications (wheels, suspensions, bodywork, snorkels, seatings, ligthts, winches, etcetera). For car tuning, motorbikes and quads, foodtrucks, campers and motor homes.


Thus, we legalize the reformed vehicle and process all necessary documents to submit at the ITV station (Technical Inspection of Vehicles).


Vehicle Technical Documentation

We elaborate technical specifications documents for imported vehicle in order to carry out their national registration and getting the number plate or licence.


Also, thanks to our collaboration with accredited laboratories and clubs of historic vehicles we manage the process to register a vehicle as historical.

Water Supply

Legalization of individual or common water supply systems for buildings, homes, stores, shops, factories and offices.


According to the CTE (Technical Building Code) for common supply installations must be submitted an original technical project. Besides, it has to be attached intallation certificates and construction management documents for  water supply insatallation-type group A

Storage of
Chemical Products

Acoording to the Storage of chemical products regulations and its corresponding supplementary technical instructions  (APQ-1 APQ7) it is necessary to legalize both the putting into service of a new storage place as the modification of an existing one.


Therefore, in some cases it has to elaborate a technical project, or at least to hand over the corresponding tecnical data to the adminstration regulators.

Petroleum Products

Storage and supply of liquid petroleum products (gasoline, diesel, etc.) legalisation.  


We work out projects and construction management certificates for B and C processing groups, depending on the type of system and type of products involved in it, the location and capacity of storage. We manage the whole processing for any type of this system.

and Agricultural Units

Drafting and project management concerning industrial buildings, industrial or agricultural units


In addition, we can manage the entire process of licensing in the Balearic Islands, in the case that an specific industrial activity needs any kind of administrative permits and premises.  See the section Municipal Licences .

Environmental Consultancy & Valuation/Appraisal

We prepare Environmental Impact Studies, Environmental Reports, Monitoring Plans, Water Studies, Spill Authoritzations and any other information necessary for proper environmental related legalization.


Furthermore we offer Real Estate Appraisal Services: properties, land, plots of land, agricultural areas and so on.

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